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Oh Hi! It's me,


A Bit About Me:

1. I am the owner and CEO of "Eventfully, Jacqueline" Event Management + Floral Preservation. I absolutely LOVE working with couples on one of the most important days of their life and have years of experience to deliver top-notch execution! 


2. I have worked on all sides of the event industry (catering manager, venue coordinator, meeting planner, conference registration etc) which has given me invaluable experience that led me to the creation of this company! 


3.  Sunshine gives me LIFE. My perfect day consists of a sunny day out on the lake with a margarita!

4. I do this on the side because I love it-- lucky for you, my day job has given me tons of connections and resources that are super beneficial in the event segment! 

5. I believe in BALANCE!  A mint brownie in one hand and a dumb bell in the other - working out is one of the best parts of my day but I also love to enjoy the finer things in life!  

6.  I love podcasts and audio books-- send me all the recommendations please. Mysteries and personal development preferred. :)

7. When you hire me, you truly gain a friend in the process. My FAVORITE part about event planning are the people that I've met and the more I get to know you, the more honored I feel to play a small role in your wedding/event.  I am there to relieve stress, manage vendors, and serve you in any way that I can so that your event can be personal, unique, and totally in line with your vision. 



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Meet the Coordinators

Lead Coordinator

Assistant Coordinator

Assistant Coordinator

I'm Kyleigh! I have been married to the love of my life for 3.5 years now and fall in love with him more every day! I'm definitely an entrepreneur at heart and currently own 2 small businesses of my own. I'm a master esthetician during the week and on weekends I'm operating my photo booth or working with couples as an EJ Lead Coordinator! I have been part of the EJ team for almost 2 years now and did weddings before joining her team as well!

Fun Fact: If you can't find me at any of my jobs, I'm usually traveling the world or thinking about traveling the world with my hubby. We have been to 3 countries and 10+ states in the last 3 years and have a bucket list of places we still want to visit.

Being a destination wedding coordinator is such a passion of mine and something that I've wanted to do since I was little so working for EJ has been a dream come true. I can't wait to meet and work with all the amazing couples who choose "Eventfully, Jacqueline" as their wedding coordinato! 

Hiiii! I'm Adi and I have fallen in love with the events world since starting to work with Jacqueline as an assistant EJ Coordinator! I recently worked the front desk / events at a boutique Marriott property and working with Jacqueline has made me want to be in the events industry for my career. I love anything semi-healthy but peanut butter snickers are my weakness. 

My favorite part about weddings is getting to know our couples and using the creative side of my brain to problem solve and keep things running smooth. I love hearing the vows that couples make to each other on their big day and am a sucker for anything personal that couples choose to incorporate into their big day.... especially when it's their pets! I am a DOG LOVER and love seeing furry friends on wedding day! 

Working with "Eventfully, Jacqueline" is one of the best decisions you'll make and I can't wait to meet and work with you! 

Hi, I'm Bailee and I'm a leo!

First things first, I love to read. I'm a bookworm. One of my tattoos is actually of books so if that doesn't tell you I love them, I don't know what does. Just this year I've read over 500 new books! 

I work in healthcare, I am a CNA at a local skilled nursing facility and I've been there for about 3.5 years. 

I am a student at Dixie State and am currently planning my own wedding! My fiance Curtis, and I are high-school sweethearts and have been together 4.5 years so this wedding is a long time coming!

I've been part of the EJ Team since June 2021 working with Jacqueline as her personal assistant and assistant coordinator! I have loved every minute of it and am so excited to be able to work for EJ so that I can meet couples and be part of their special day! 

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