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What we do is all in the 


When you look back at your wedding day, we want you to remember the beautiful personalized details, the feelings that you felt, and the Joy of being married to your best friend. What we offer is a elevated planning, design, and coordination experience that allows you to REVEL in each magical moment on your wedding day.  

Our love for YOU and everything that makes your relationship special is unmatched and we believe that you can have your cake and eat it to.... It's a PARTY and your love story is worth celebrating every step of the way! 

The Experience

Big Picture Planning

Personalized Design

On-site Management

Friends, well... Forever

We promise to guide your through every step of the process from budget priorities to choosing your vendors, we help you make informed decisions that fit your needs. 

Your relationship is our ultimate inspiration for your wedding design and will help you curate personalized design that goes well beyond anything that Pinterest can offer.

Our #1 goal for you and your families is to stay present in the moment. Magic is captured in the "in-between moments" when nothing else matters because you know we have things handled behind-the-scenes. 

We are a relationship-driven company and our clients are first, always and forever. We support your dreams, your love story, and every beautiful milestone after. You're stuck with us!

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Working With Us

 - The Whole Experience- 

Our Full-Service package is ideal for couples who are in the beginning stages of the planning process and wants to be involved but perhaps don’t have the time to commit to managing the multitude of details or simply don't know where to begin.

Our seamless, process will allow you to enjoy the planning from concept --> Creation and curate a memorable event that reflects your personality, style, and story while making sure no detail is missed!

Starts at: $10,000

- Partial Planning -

Our Custom package is ideal for couples who are confident in securing their own vendors or have an eye for design but could use assistance bringing everything together in a cohesive way! We play off your strengths and supplement support where you need it most.

The partial planning options include full wedding management plus vendor sourcing OR design services! 

Starts at: $6,000 

- Wedding Management -

Our Event Management package is ideal for a couple who is comfortable securing their vendors, creating a cohesive design, and bringing all the pieces together but know that being present on their wedding day is the most important part of their celebration.

This package is our enhanced version of "day-of" coordination but provides you access to our team so that you can lean on a professional throughout the entire process.

Starts at: $3,500

Planning & Designing Your Forever with SunRae Planning


WE CRAFT   experiences THAT WILL BE REMEMBERED  forever.


Your love story is one-of-a-kind, and your wedding? Well, it should be a total blast, just like you! Got any inside jokes? Quirky quirks? We're all in for that and can't wait to weave them into your wedding adventure. So, let's dive in and make your wildest wedding dreams come true!


At SunRae Planning, we're more than just your wedding sidekick; we're your partners in love, adventure, and memories. Let's take this journey together and create an experience that's truly, uniquely yours, AND LET’S HAVE SOME FUN IN THE PROCESS! 


Whether it's a glamorous Las Vegas wedding, an awe-inspiring ceremony in St. George, or a chic celebration in Salt Lake City, we're here to turn your ideas into a dazzling reality. Let's make your love story come alive – because with us, the answer is always an excited, "hell yeah, we can do that!”


our kind of people

if you.....

  • Believe laughing + Dancing are KEY to a good party

  • Value experiences > things

  • Aren't afraid of a little color

  • Like nice things! 

  • Are inspired by creative design

  • Know your partner is your ultimate BFF

  • Love all the details are "so them!" 

  • Are full of stories

  • Have a unique personality (maybe even quirky!) 

  • Love chocolate cake! I mean, not a deal breaker but it definitely makes me like you even more! 

11.4 Bowe Wedding-157.jpg

Our Motto:

"If Eating Cake is Wrong, I don't Want to Be Right"

- Lorelai Gilmore



.... and we are here to make sure that you get to enjoy every single one of them! 

Your wedding is about more than a pretty tablescape and beautiful photos. It's more than an epic party with your closest family and friends in a beautiful destination. Your celebration is about the love between two people, the committment they make to each other, and the lifetime promises they make and as your planning team, we understand that and all we want for you is to soak up every single moment and feeling of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

What it looks like working with our team...

Anyone can plan a wedding .... but what we do? That's a little different. We craft a unique experience with our clients relationship at the core of their celebration.  This will be the BEST DAMN EXPERIENCE of your life and your only job is to say "I DO!" 

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