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2022 Wedding Trends

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

2022 is said to set a 40 year record high with 2.6 MILLION weddings! RECORD HIGH! That being said there are lots of new and different wedding trends this New Year. Here is my list of the top ten.

1. Destination Weddings

With the pandemic stretching over the last 2 years many of us have stayed close to home. Now that 2022 is in full swing many couples that had postponed their Wedding Nuptials have decided to go big and get outta’ town! Whether it’s an hour from home in a beautiful national park or a 6 hour flight to a tropical destination, it is THE THING to do. Not all destination weddings need to break the bank but we are seeing a huge number of couples blowing way past their budget to have the fairytale wedding of their dreams.

This brings me to our second hot trend…

2. Long Wedding Week Getaways

Couples are traveling far and wide often times with their bridal party to spend the week (or 3-4 days) of their wedding celebrating! A Welcome Party, Rehearsal Dinner, Activity Day and then a detox/retox “day party” are common events for these fun weeks away!

3. Themed Parties and Rehearsal Dinners

Wedding guests have had some serious style lately and it really makes things fun! Some of the most common wedding themes and/or themed dinners we’re seeing are:


-The Circus

- Masquerades

-Old Hollywood


-Rhinestone Rodeos

4. Virtual Save the Dates

Virtual Save the Date cards are not only instant and easy to edit/change if needed but they also save you lots of money. Between printing and postage, virtual is definitely the way to go!

5. Open Air Tents

COVID still has some people nervous about large gatherings so many couples are opting for outdoor weddings where everyone has a bit more space to breathe. Open air tents are a great option for shade or possible rain on your wedding day. When you think of an open air tent don’t think plastic tarp, think elegant awnings. There are some beautiful open tent options out there and you can definitely find one that fits the ambiance of your wedding.

6. Silver Touches

Silver touches are becoming much more common than Gold. Everyone has their own taste and style so, do what is most esthetically pleasing to your eye.

Silver tends to add a nice “old world charm” to any modern space.

7. Multiple and Specialty Bars

Also known as Satellite Bars, Specialty Bars are a fun touch to any wedding.

If you are having a winter wedding a DIY Hot Chocolate Bar is a great choice. If your wedding is in the warmer months Signature Champagne Cocktail Bars, Candy/Treat bars, DIY Bellini Bars, or a local beer tasting bar might seem more fitting.

8. Art Inspired Designs

Art inspired designs can really transform a room. Flowers on the ceiling or other hanging florals and “living tables” are very “in” right now. Wallpaper accents behind the live band or even as a photo backdrop for your guests can really contribute to the ambiance of your event.

9. Color Schemes

In 2022 celestial themes and metallic hues are the new thing. Gold, Copper, Bronze, Silver, Rose Gold and Champagne can give a real “vintage glam” feel to things. Earthy tones and rustic themes tend to create a more romantic yet classy vibe. Deep, lush and moody jewel tones such as, amethyst, citrine yellow, sapphire blue and emerald green are definitely on the wedding palette this Fall.

10. Preserving Your Wedding Bouquet

Finally, preserving your wedding bouquet!

Instead of tossing that beautiful bridal bouquet give it to me and let’s preserve it! A uniquely preserved bridal bouquet is a physical reminder of the vows you took on your wedding day. These compliment any décor and are a tangible way to re-live your magical day.

As you can see there are TONS of new and fun things to do this 2022 Wedding Season! Let’s get planning!

-SunRae Planning


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