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How to Pick Your Dream Wedding Bouquet and Florals

Nothing brings visuals to the table as much as florals do! They sing an ode of romance, and add many elements of design to the space and aura of the evening. Often, brides don’t realize the thought and potential that their flowers have. Unfortunately, you don’t just point out the colors and then pick up the bouquet the next week. Bouquets - if done well, take a little of your time for deeper thought. But, if you follow my tips below and choose with intention, that time will pay off and have a great effect. Not just on the aesthetic, but the energy as well. That ode of romance I just talked about? It'll just get louder and more profound.

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Here are a few things to consider previous to and while designing your flower displays:

  • Understand the time of year. The year has seasons, and so do flowers. Make sure you are educated in what flowers are possible (without burning a hole in your wallet), or be comfortable with changing specific wants. When researching bouquet inspiration, pay attention to the flower type and seasonality.

  • Consider your theme and aesthetic. Although colors are a large part of the bouquet, the aesthetic plays an equal part. You could have a white bouquet exude a bohemian flare, or maybe you're looking for a statement piece! If you know what you want your bouquet to look like, it's never a bad idea to build your 'mood board' around your flowers. :)

  • Have your dress picked out first! Let me say that again. Pick. Out. Your. Dress. First. Not many people would think to match flowers to the dress, and I’m here to tell you that it’s nearly a necessity. If the main feature of your wedding dress is the neckline, consider elongating your body with a trailed bouquet, long stems, or a shorter and more horizontal flower arrangement. If eyes are drawn to the skirt and trail of your wedding dress, opt for shorter stems, and more of a vertical flower arrangement. Consider the color of the dress too! Can you match it? Does off-white and pure white clash? Or does that even matter?

  • Think about your love story. Were there any moments with your partner that could be added into the bouquet? Did they bring you a baby’s breath bouquet when you started dating? Do you both have a specific flower or greenery that you point out on hikes or enjoy the smell of? Try to add a sentimental element to the flower choice!

  • Gather a vague idea of what you want. I specifically say vague because what you want may need to be adjusted. Florists in your area may not be able to make exactly what you want but will be able to offer suggestions on ways to get close. Of course, don’t settle and it is your big day, so keep it special, but being open to adjustments is always a good idea because your florist might have ideas that you never would have considered on your own!

  • Now, once you have an idea of what you want, try and meet with several florists to see who understands your vision and will be the best to work with and fit your desires.

  • Lastly, consider preserving your bouquet! *cough* I preserve flowers *cough cough* Hire someone to press and preserve your bouquet! There are only 2 physical things that you get to keep from your wedding day (besides your lover, of course) and I think we should make it three! Your bling, your photos, AND YOUR PRESERVATION PIECE! Choose from a pressed frame, a vibrant floral block, a ring holder (or all of them!) so that you can be reminded of the vows you made to each other every single day!

For more floral tips and great florist recommendations, contact me!

Eventfully, Jacqueline

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