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Utah Luxury Wedding Venue: Siempre

The SunRae Planning team had our first wedding at this beautiful northern Utah Wedding Venue and it was a fairy tale come true. According to the English translation from their website, Siempre means: always, forever, all the time, ever, eternally, evermore​. Exactly the words that I want used to describe my wedding venue!

I followed along on instagram while this beautiful facility was constructed and they have thought of every single detail....

Beautiful staircases, incredible attention to detail with chair design, tile patterns, colors, and textures, stunning valley views, a jaw dropping rotunda, and a Romeo and Juliet inspired balcony.

Seriously... the details in photos don't even do themselves justice and we were SO EXCITED for Taylor and Christian to get married here.

Taylor and Christian came as a referral from one of my photographer friends because they were in desperate need of a planner. While they were getting married in a Utah Temple, they knew that they did not want their families to have to worry about the details on their wedding day which is exactly where we came in!

If I could describe their wedding in one word, it would be TIMELESS. From the elegant all-white bridal bouquet to the fairy tale wedding venue, everything was absolutely perfect and those memories will never go out of style! Another one of my favorite parts of their wedding? A swig drink + cookie bar. When you own a famous Utah Mixed Soda Drink Shop.... a soda bar and sugar cookies are a must and they were a hit with the entire crowd! If you're looking for ideas for your wedding reception food or a late-night wedding snack, this should be top of your list!

I'm going to take a minute right here to point out Taylor's PINK HEELS! We are HERE FOR THE RECEPTION DRESS CHANGE but mostly, I'm here for the pop of color. I highly recommend a dress change during your wedding for 2 reasons:

  1. It's way easier to dance in something other than a long wedding dress (especially if you have a train!)

  2. It gives you an opportunity to add even more personality to your wedding day. Maybe you go bold with another color, maybe fun and flirty with some fringe, or maybe you toss the dress and do a classy white jumpsuit instead! Either way... you have options!

  3. BONUS -- it also gives you even more variety in your wedding photos and that's always a good thing!

Remember that rotunda that I mentioned before? Isn't it stunning?! That dome is made with handmade terracotta tiles and I'm freaking obsessed. When you have a venue that looks this good, your photos are sure to be FIRE and that is definitely the case for Taylor and Christian (although it helps when they're as cute as they are!)

Siempre offers four beautiful spaces when you rent the facility....

  1. THE ALWAYS ROOM- the lower level room with easy access to the rotunda (4500 sq ft)

  2. THE ROTUNDA GARDEN -- see the photo? Enough said!

  3. THE FOREVER ROOM - stunning interior with access to the Juliet balcony and the secret garden. (4500 sq ft)

  4. THE SECRET GARDEN -- gardens, arbors, and incredible views.

Every rental also includes the following amenities:

  • Accommodations for 250 Seated Guests per Room

  • Siempre Venue Coordinator

  • Licensed Full Bar Services Available

  • Luxurious Wedding Suite

  • Exclusive Use of Siempre Property for Photography

  • Tables & Linens

  • Siempre Exclusive Chairs

  • Stunning Chandeliers

  • State of the Art Indoor/Outdoor Sound System

  • Wireless Microphone

  • HD TV

You know what else is awesome about this venue? THEY INCLUDE A VENUE COORDINATOR which is amazing for you and your lover. Let's talk about this for a minute....

Venue Coordinator: This person is there to make sure the venues portion is handled. Tables and chairs get set up, the sound system works correctly, all the restroom facilities are stocked and working, etc. They are the venues advocate and work hand-in-hand with your wedding coordinator/planner to make sure the rest of the details come to life. They do NOT plan your wedding, coordinate with vendors, create a full day timeline, or handle typical day-of coordination!

Wedding Coordinator/Planner: This person is YOUR advocate to make sure that things come to life the way you wanted it. If tables weren't set up correctly, we tell the venue. If your florist needs direction on where to set up, we tell them! We are there with you through the entire planning process to make sure that YOUR NEEDS are covered. Kyleigh from our team was Taylor and Christians wedding coordinator and was there to handle everything from set-up of personal details while T + C were at their temple ceremony to coordinating with the catering team + hired food attendants to make sure drinks + cookies were ready to go for the reception. The venue is just one piece of that (a vital piece) which makes having someone specifically there from the venue a huge blessing to you and your planning team!

Interested in this stunning luxury Utah wedding venue? Check out their website and inquire at .... have a date in mind? We would love to handle wedding coordination for you and your fiance and we do have experience at this venue!

Happy Planning, Lovers!

Jacqueline and the SunRae Planning Team

Oh and just for fun.... a few photos of Ed and I on our venue tour prior to Taylor + Christian's wedding at Siempre. We looked extra cute because we were on our way to my cousin's wedding so we had to take advantage of the beautiful venue we were at!

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