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NOT YOUR MOTHER'S SHADOW BOX: What is Floral Preservation + How is it Different in Modern Times?

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Drying and preserving flowers has been around for a long time. No, seriously! It was initially introduced to society in 1813 by a man named William Hyde Wollaston! Wanna learn more about the history? READ HERE.

Hey, the more ya know!

ISo what does that mean exactly? We take your beautiful fresh bouquets and put them through one of many dehydration processes to completely dry the flowers. Then we use those dried flowers to create a piece of art that you get to keep forever. These flowers can be turned into beautiful framed creations or into resin art both functional and beautiful pieces for your home or office! There are so many ways to preserve your bouquet and each one of them, timeless.

The thing is, that by pressing or drying blooms, you can keep precious memories alive forever, while also obtaining a beautiful piece of art.

NOT YOUR MOTHER'S SHADOW BOX: What is Floral Preservation + How is it Different in Modern Times?

How is it Different in Modern Times?

Most of the time, when I talk about floral preservation there are a couple of things that are brought up... The random flowers you stuck in an old, favorite old book, or the mom's shadow box filled with blossom's from her wedding bouquet 30 years ago.

While these are fun ways to keep memories, the floral preservation society has come so far. You would be amazed by how much science has developed in terms of preserving your florals.

I mean, things such as pressed blooms in frames and resin art just BARELY scratch the surface.


You may think it’s just a simple yes or no on whether you want your florals preserved but there are a few things to consider.


The first being you may want to think about how much you are willing to spend and where it fits into your wedding budget. This is definitely something to account for right now but the best part is that only 50% is due when you book and the final payment isn't due until the products are ready to be shipped out (typically 3 months after your wedding!)

If you don’t know where to start to find prices, here is our guide to help you get an idea.

**This service does need to be booked in advance so that we can get you on our calendar. Fresh flowers press best so we need your bouquet within 24 hours of your wedding day to ensure the best outcome.**


The second is knowing the type of floral preservation you are interested in: pressed or dried. Both are pretty different and require different things to be successful.

FRAMES: Pressed flowers in traditional frames or float frames.

Reasons we love frames.... They're just so damn beautiful. They are true statement pieces in your home and look amazing next to your wedding photos. They are pieces that unique and compliments are guaranteed. The colors will naturally fade through the dehydration process for these pieces but they're still absolutely stunning once they're assembled into the frame and you have your choice between a standard frame (colored backgrounds help make your flowers really pop!) or a float frame (gorgeous timeless pieces with their modern glass on glass style!

RESIN ART: These can be either pressed or preserved in silica depending on what piece of art you would like. We currently offer the following: Square, hexagon blocks, arch, ring holder, bookends, ring + bracelet combo holder, tea light candleholder, necklace holder, jewelry tray, coffee table tray, letters, necklaces,

Reasons we love resin pieces.... they retain their color SO WELL. Flowers dried through this particular dehydration process remain bold and vibrant even if their color changes slightly through the process. We also love the diversity of these resin pieces. From wearable pieces like a pendant necklace, to accent pieces like our popular hexagon block, to functional pieces like ring holders and book ends, there is so much you can do with these!

Honestly, you can't go wrong with either option and if you can't decide which style you love more.... no one's saying you can't do both!! Plus, when you order a frame and one of the larger resin pieces, you get a free add-on piece of your choice. I'd call that a WIN!


As I mentioned, it may entice you to try and preserve your wedding flowers yourself! Maybe you are trying to save money or perhaps, time!

However, there are many reasons why trusting a professional to turn your florals into art is the best option.

Jacqueline, our preservationist, has not only spent extensive amounts of money perfecting this art, but also time and energy!

The last thing you want to do is ruin your beautiful bouquet by trying to do it yourself. Our hearts breaks when we hear these sad stories but floral preservation is a TRICKY process and we have made my fair share of mistakes as we've perfected our processes. Trusting a professional with one of the most important keepsakes from your wedding is the best decision you'll make to ensure your pieces turn out beautifully.

Her no-stress process starts from the moment you receive our specific packing instructions until the moment we ship the finished product back to you! Something else that makes her the best of the best is that she always gives you the final say on the layout! These are your forever pieces and we want you to fall in love with your bouquet all over again!

The goal is to get you back to the art of your dreams, and Jacqueline always manages to do just that!

Friends, preserving your wedding flowers is one of the best ways to keep your memories forever! It always allows you to have something to pass down to your children down the road and will serve as a constant reminder of the vows you made to your partner on your wedding day.

Our goal at "Impressive Petals Floral Preservation" is to preserve your unique love story by creating unique pieces of art that you get to keep forever-ever. When you see your preserved arrangement, it will leave you feeling reminiscent, joyful, and elated!

Happy Planning, Lovers!

Jacqueline + The Impressive Petals Floral Preservation Team


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