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10 Ways to Beat the Heat for a Summer Wedding in Southern Utah

Summer doesn’t officially start until the 20th of June, but if you’ve been around Southern Utah recently, you’ll know that the weather is not taking its time bringing on the heat! It is finally time to lay by the pool, spend days at the lake, and not have to worry about school for some of you! With all of that comes the heat, and it comes strong, sparing no mercy. Summers in the Saint George area can be beyond enjoyable, but hosting a wedding during the midst of our highest temperatures could have you sweating off all of your wedding makeup!! Don’t let that worry you - with the right action plan, we can prepare for the heat and reduce the temperatures at your celebration.

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Here is a list of 10 ideas I came up with on how to beat the heat for a summer wedding in Southern Utah:

1. Choose an Indoor/Outdoor Venue

Selecting an outdoor venue with partial indoor seating is easily my number

one recommendation to beat the heat. This will provide a location for the cake to

avoid it melting, a place for guests (especially pregnant, the elderly, children, and

most importantly the couple of the hour) to take a minute to cool off. Dancing after cocktail can get exhausting, and just about everyone will need a place to rest up in between songs!

2. Misters & Shades

This one is near a necessity! Especially if you are an outdoor only venue. Misters can lower outdoor temperatures substantially, and shades can always be dressed up to contribute additional decoration. Stylish and Functional!

3. Steer Clear of Liquid Based Makeup

Liquid based foundation and high, dry temperatures usually do not mix well. It will likely bead up and start to drip off your face, giving the oily or "melted makeup" look. Using powder based foundation or hiring a makeup artist who can use airbrush will make such a difference in the heat!

4. Choose a Breathable Material for the Bridal Party

I would never suggest a bride get any other dress than the one she has been dreaming of and feels the most confident in, so only if possible, pick a dress with a more breathable fabric. I would hand the same advice to the groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and absolutely anybody else whose choice of clothing you may have an influence over.

5. Stick to a Tight Schedule

Keeping the Agenda packed and on time is subtle, yet creates a major difference. This keeps yourself, your partner, and all the guests' mind off of the heat and ensures that the crowd is not sitting around in the sun just thinking about how much they took advantage of the AC a few hours prior!

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6. Avoid Metals

The last thing you want is to sit down for a beautiful ceremony on a piping hot metal chair! This is why it is a great idea to avoid metal at all costs. If you wish to have metal chairs, try to keep them indoors or place a fabric cushion/cover to relieve some of that heat.

Ceremony Set up in Zion National Park with aisle and wedding arch shown under a large tree for shade. #weddingarch #ceremonyarch #woodenchairs #woodenceremonychairs #woodweddingchair #zionwedding #eventplanner #zionnationalparkwedding #outdoorwedding #weddingaisle #weddingday

7. Wedding Favors

Have you ever thought of creating a wedding favor bag or centerpieces that

include sunglasses or fans? This is a way to keep the guests interactive and

personalize your special day. Let your creativity run wild on this one! You could go with simple fans, battery powered fans, foldable fans, simple sunglasses, or get fancy and personalize any or all of those!


Did I mention you should have an endless supply of cold beverages? Lemonade, tea, Italian Ice, or Infused water are great options to start with! Having canned/bottled drinks served on a bucket of ice allows for the guests to consistently have a cold item in their hand. This way they are cooling down by sipping on their beverage, but also just by holding the iced soda!

9. Carefully Select your Menu Items

Try to stay away from “heavy” foods. Anything hot or extra creamy is hard to mix with the summery sun. Consider serving cold fruit as a side dish!

Delicious light wedding dessert displayed for summer with fruit garnish and table centerpieces. #weddingfood #weddingdessert #fruitdessert #weddingdinner #weddingsnack #summerwedding #tablecenterpiece #weddingdecorations #brightweddingcolor #weddingtabledecor

10. Coordinate with your Bartender

Before finalizing a menu with the bartender, ask if they can offer frozen drinks during cocktail hour to keep guests cool. It would be a great idea to add a popsicle stand or maybe serve otter pops on a bucket of ice.

Bartender making a drink at a wedding on the Wedding day detail shot. #bartender #cocktail #cocktailhour #weddingdrinks #weddingbartender #maglbys #outdoorheater #weddingelopement #southernutahwedding #eventplanner #weddingplanner

Scheduling your wedding during the summer months has potential to be somewhat miserable. Don’t let that scare you, if you have proper planning and actions in place, you will continue watching your childhood fantasy come to life!

Now who wants to go get some snow cones??

Eventfully, Jacqueline

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