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10 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding!

You know my FAVORITE thing about weddings these days? The amount of personality that I see shine through in every part of our couple's big day.

“Traditions” have gone out the window and I think we can all agree they’re gone for good!

I think we can also agree that Pinterest, while a really great tool, can be TOTALLY OVERWHELMING as you start looking for inspo because there are SO MANY GREAT ideas but also, the ‘dream wedding’ you have on Pinterestpolaroids,, might not be totally realistic when you look at your budget.

Sooo… here we are. Every love story is unique and we are strong believers that your wedding or elopement should be a unique representation of that love so let’s talk about easy ways to personalize your wedding day!

vintage wedding details timeless wedding dress with summer bridal bouquet unique ways to personalize your wedding details that make your wedding memorable ways to personalize your wedding with vintage car
Vintage Getaway Car For Wedding

1. Switch up your guest book! You don’t have to do a “book” anymore or you can dress it up! Photo booths and poloaroids used for the ‘guest book’ are a fun memorable way to mix things up. You get the cute notes but also the great photos – especially once everyone starts drinking. Have you heard of After the Tone? This is a super cute option where people can call in and leave you a personal voicemail. Those are then a special keepsake for you and your lover AND there’s even an option to have it on a retro record!

2. Signature Cocktails – if you’re going to enjoy a cocktail on your wedding day then this one is EASY! Pick your favorite drink, come up with a fancy name for it or even just “His” and “Hers” and you’ve personalized your wedding! You can also name these after your furry friends which is a great way to also incorporate your pets (whether they are there celebrating with you or not)! Pro Tip: Signature cocktails are a great way to cut back on your bar expense if you choose 2-3 cocktails plus beer + wine, your bill will be way less than an open bar!

3. Outfit Changes: If you’re not a “white dress” person, I will ALWAYS advocate for something less traditional. Black, Pink… you do you friends! And if you’re not a dress person period, go for a jumpsuit! Bottom line, let your personality shine through in your dress, AND if you want to make a statement…. An outfit is the way to go! I’d say this is the best of both worlds (white dress + fun!)

4. Favors: If you’ve been around here for a bit, you probably know that I think favors are a bit over-rated. BUT if you do choose to do favors, I 10000% support you but I recommend making them useful OR edible! Also, I know you love your new last name and all, but most people don’t want something with your name engraved on it! Stick to labels that aren’t permanent. Okay okay, I digress…. Favors can be a great way to get creative though! If you have a theme, you can incorporate the favors or throw that all out and choose something meaningful to you! If your first date was at a winery, maybe you get everyone a bottle of wine! If you and your partner have a massive garden, maybe you share seeds and share that hobby with your people!

5. Choose your favorite Foods – Traditional “buffets” are over-rated so if you wanted a taco truck or pizza at your wedding, I say DO IT! You deserve to eat the food you love on your wedding day and food is definitely something that your guests will remember! If for some weird reason you decide not to do your favorite food as the main course, consider it for cocktail hour or even a ‘late-night’ snack option! Trust me, if everyone knows how much you love Pizza – no one will be surprised when you incorporate pizza at some point during your wedding!

6. Plan Pre-Wedding Activities! If you’re doing a destination wedding, this is THE BEST way to personalize your wedding weekend. Get your family + friends out in the magical place that you chose to get married in and SHOW THEM WHY you choose to get married there. It’s obviously very special to you and if it’s a new location for you too – go make memories with your people!!

things to do for your destination wedding unique experiences for a destination elopement utv ride through sand dunes for elopement wedding day activities wedding planner in southern utah unique national park elopement national park elopement inspo best places to elope in utah best destination wedding locations
Destination Wedding Activities

7. SIGNAGE – where do I even start! Etsy is a great place for inspiration on signage and there is so much creativity that you can add from color, shapes, textures, mediums, wording, etc. Your “signage” doesn’t have to be square on a wood board…. It could come in the form of tapestry, a giant floral display, champagne walls, backdrops, or mirrors! Your signage is a great opportunity to tie into your theme as well so if you’ve got a retro vibe, match your signage to that! If you’re all about the florals… incorporate them into your signage!

8. Invites – I feel like this get’s forgotten but it’s definitely one of those “to-do” list items that you can put a spin on. Consider your theme but also, your invites don’t necessarily have to match! WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?! Maybe you incorporate a custom-drawn map of your venue, maybe you incorporate your pets, maybe you do super bold fun colors, or maybe you want a wax seal with a piece of dried lavender! Those are just a few ideas but there are a lot of ways to be fun with invites – all you have to do for sure in include the date, time, and locations…. The rest is all up to your imagination (and probably Pinterest inspiration!)

9. EXPERIENCES – I don’t know what other word to use other than this to caption this suggestion. The ‘experiences’ that I’m talking about can be anything from lounge seating to champagne towers to bridals on horseback. Think about everything that is important to you and get creative on how you can incorporate it! One of my couples, they were huge wine drinkers so, at each of their guest tables, they had a bottle of wine labeled 1-20 for all of the guests at that table to sign. At the end of the night, they took all 20 bottles home and every year on their anniversary, they will have a bottle to open and celebrate with! Without knowing each of your lives, this one is a little tricky to communicate and really – it can cross over into any of these 10 ways to personalize your wedding! Maybe the photo booth is your experience or maybe you have a sushi chef making fresh rolls during cocktail hour because you’re both obsessed with sushi! There are SO MANY “EXPERIENCES” that you can incorporate that make it fun and YOU!

Rustic wedding venue with horses in southern utah destination wedding airbnb elopement airbnb venue in utah southern utah wedding venue farmhouse wedding venue incorporating horses into your wedding bridal photos with horses inspiration for wedding photos with horses destination wedding venue in southern utah zion wedding venue
Destination Wedding Venue in Utah

10. Personalized Vows – Some of you may have read that and cringed, I get it. Maybe this isn’t for you or maybe just the thought of sharing personal vows in front of a ton of people is terrifying for you! BUT they are so much more meaningful when you can incorporate your own stories, your own memories, and your own words as you commit your life to your best friend. And if saying them in front of all your people is the only thing holding you back?? PRIVATE VOWS, FRIENDS! Yes, that’s a thing and yes you can do them prior to the ceremony if you want!

personalized vows at wedding what to include in your vows personal vow reading should I write my own vows unique wedding venues in southern utah wedding planner in southern utah wedding inspo for outdoor wedding airbnb elopement venue airbnb mansion unique ways to personalize your wedding unique wedding details wedding ceremony inspiration wedding ceremony details
Private Vows at Utah Airbnb Elopement

No one else’s love is like yours and your wedding should be a freaking party (or not!) as long as it’s exactly what you want! What other ways are you personalizing your wedding day?!

Happy Planning, Lovers!!

- Jacqueline


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