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Benefits of a Zion Winter Wedding

There’s no doubt that Zion is a beautiful place to get married. But, when peak season and dates fill up a year in advance, it can be tricky to plan your wedding!

If you’re planning in a short time frame, if you want to avoid the pressure of “BOOK NOW OR LOSE THE DATE”, or if you can’t wait any longer to get married, winter in Southern Utah might be the answer.

Not only is it Southern Utah’s off-season, but it's absolutely jaw-dropping in the winter months. Zion is the perfect winter wedding combination of snowy bridals and warmer temperatures with many benefits!

The Many Benefits of a Winter Wedding

Now whether you’ve been planning for a few months or just getting started, you’ve probably decided that Southern Utah’s backyard is your dream wedding location.

The main stressor you might face is how quickly Zion books up throughout the year.

Luckily for you, we know the benefits of a winter wedding!


Since it snows during the winter months in Southern Utah, this is typically their slower season. Many people miss out on the opportunity of a lesser crowd and gorgeous views!

With less crowding, you’re able to really take advantage of the photo opportunities and the quiet, and make timeless memories.

Just picture the snowy Zion mountain tops as you say “I Do”!


The first thing that comes to mind with Zion is typically a spring/summer wedding creating an overwhelming feeling to book now. Most people forget about the hidden gem of Southern Utah in the winter

You can relieve some of that pressure of “BOOK NOW” because, with Zion’s off-season, you have more options. That includes more opportunities to book the vendors and venues you truly want during your winter wedding with less competition.


Nothing is worse than sweating throughout your wedding day. So much hard work goes into designing the look of the dress, painting the makeup, and the layers of the groom’s outfit.

During Zion’s cooler temperature, sweat is not invited to your winter wedding!


When shopping or designing your wedding dress, you have more freedom with a winter wedding. You are able to add aspects to your dress that you wouldn’t be able to during other seasons like a cape or shawl.

The added pieces of a wedding cape or shawl really elevate your overall look! They also look amazing in your photos.


It’s no secret that some color palettes work best during certain seasons. For your winter wedding, you’re able to be more playful with your options.

Some timeless colors to try first are brown, sage, wine, navy, or gold!

You really are able to capture the beautiful, moody, and cooler tones that work so well with Zion’s picturesque view for your winter wedding.


Not only do you get the fun option to add moody color palettes, but you get to add unique food options your guests will love!

If you and your lover enjoy hot cocoa, incorporate that into a hot cocoa bar for your guests. OR if you both are big soup lovers, try a tomato bisque and grilled cheese bar.

The possibilities are endless and as unique as your love together!


You are already saving the stress of “BOOK NOW” with your winter wedding, but what would you say if I said you can potentially save even more?

No, I’m not joking!

Remember how I said it was the off-season, well since it’s the slower months for vendors they tend to offer discounts. The vendors are also very experienced with winter weddings in Zion so I would be open to any suggestions they might have.

Your Zion winter wedding is truly a gift that keeps on giving!


I don’t need to tell you how stunning your snowy wedding photos will be, you already know! But think about the variety within the images you get.

When you do a spring/summer engagement session you now have documented your love story throughout the seasons! Starting as fiances in spring/summer and ending the year as married partners in the winter.

Benefits of a Zion Winter Wedding

Benefits of Hiring SUNRAE Planning as Your Southern Utah Professional Event Planner

Now you know you want a winter wedding in Southern Utah, but what’s next?


We offer Design Assistance.

If the thought of Pinterest and all your ideas stresses you out, we can help streamline all of those thoughts into one cohesive mood board for you!

If you’re having the opposite problem and have ZERO clue what you want, we got you covered as well. We can take your answers from a quick ‘design questionnaire’, and put them together with some beautiful options and ideas for your unique mood board!

We are there for you at any step of the planning process you’re in.

Having a winter wedding in Zion is a beautiful way to celebrate your love with your significant other. The benefits of a winter wedding are unique and timeless!

Happy Planning, Lovers!

Jacqueline + The SunRae Planning Team


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