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Choosing a Wedding Date: A Comprehensive Guide

After the joyous moment of getting engaged, the exciting journey of wedding planning begins – which means that it is time to start choosing a wedding date!

This seemingly simple task can hold more significance than you might realize.

Whether it's a date that carries sentimental value or one that aligns perfectly with your practical needs, choosing the right wedding date is a step towards turning your dream day into reality.

SunRae Planning, a Utah Wedding Planner, shares eight tips for choosing a wedding date.

8 Tips You Should Consider When Choosing a Wedding Date

We've compiled a guide on how to choose the perfect wedding date that caters to your desires, familial obligations, and life circumstances.

ONE | Desired Length of Engagement:

Your engagement period sets the tone for your wedding planning timeline. Consider factors like your budget, schedule flexibility, and the type of wedding you envision. A shorter engagement might demand swift decisions, making use of existing wedding options, while a longer engagement allows for more vendor options and financial preparation. Both options have their merits, so evaluate your priorities and capabilities.

TWO | Location and Weather:

The setting of your wedding significantly influences the best time to tie the knot. If you're planning an outdoor wedding, weather becomes paramount. Research historical weather data to ensure your chosen date aligns with your vision. Are you dreaming of a snowy wonderland or a sun-soaked beach ceremony? Your ideal location and weather conditions should guide your decision-making.

THREE | Your Desired Type of Wedding:

Your wedding style plays a pivotal role in picking the right date. If you've always envisioned an outdoor celebration, consider the season and location accordingly. A winter wonderland or a spring garden party may shape your date preferences. Prioritize what resonates most with you and your partner's dream wedding.

FOUR | Peak Times and Budget:

Explore both peak and off-peak seasons in your chosen wedding location. These fluctuations can impact your budget and vendor availability. Off-peak seasons might offer cost savings and a more personalized experience, while peak seasons might come with increased demand. Balance your budget considerations with your ideal wedding atmosphere.

FIVE | Schedule of Immediate Family Members and Wedding Party:

Ensure your closest loved ones and essential wedding party members are available on your chosen date. Check for potential conflicts like vacations, graduations, or other significant events.

While an elopement eliminates this concern, a larger gathering requires careful consideration of everyone's schedules.

SIX | Availability of Vendors and Venue:

If you have a specific venue or preferred vendors in mind, confirm their availability before setting the date. Popular venues and vendors often book up well in advance. Being flexible with the day of the week could increase your chances of securing your top choices and even reduce costs.

SEVEN | Travel Plans and Holidays:

While a holiday weekend might seem convenient, consider potential challenges for your guests, such as increased travel expenses and prior commitments. Factor in the costs of accommodations, airfare, and transportation during peak travel times. Be mindful of holidays that might inflate costs or limit availability for various services.

EIGHT | Local Events and Sports Schedules:

If your chosen location is known for sports events or local festivities, these can impact your wedding experience and guests' convenience. Research local event calendars to avoid clashes that could affect lodging rates, traffic, and overall logistics.

SunRae Planning, a Utah Wedding Planner, shares eight tips for choosing a wedding date.

Selecting your wedding date is a huge step on your path to marriage.

By weighing these considerations and aligning them with your priorities and dreams, you can confidently choose a date that can hold everything you desire.

Remember, with thoughtful planning and adaptability, your perfect wedding date is within reach.

Happy Planning! Jacqueline and the SunRae Planning Team


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