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How Far in Advance Should You Plan Your Wedding?

The old adage “Timing is Everything” is something we hear a lot these days, but no truer words have ever been spoken especially when it comes to planning your wedding! Every couple’s vision and timeline is different, so let’s explore some simple guidelines to help map out a realistic timeline when choosing the perfect timing for your special day.

Planning timelines will vary based on how long or short you would like your engagement to be as well as factoring in things like your budget, vision, and lifestyle. The average couple spends between 12-18 months planning their wedding, however, some couples choose a quick elopement and others prefer a longer engagement period. So how far in advance should you plan your wedding? The answer....It's absolutely a personal preference and highly dependent on your unique situation.

How far in advance should you plan your wedding? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Finances : It’s not sexy, but it’s one of the most important considerations when planning your wedding. Do you already have money saved or will you need some time to save for the wedding you want? Will you be receiving outside financial support from parents or loved ones and if so, will THEY need time to get funds together? Sitting down and really looking at finances will help get the ball rolling and determine how long you need to plan.

  • Your lifestyle/career : Do you and your partner work full time and need to be able to carve out time to take off for your wedding festivities as well as a honeymoon? Do you already have social commitments on the calendar? Will you be able to schedule around holidays or other family commitments? Don't forget to consider that If you choose to do it around a holiday, there may be extra fees for your vendors.

  • Vendor/Venue Flexibility : Do you have specific vendors in mind for your wedding? Maybe a certain photographer on Instagram that you ABSOLUTELY HAVE to have document your day? If so, what availability do they have? Are they booked for the rest of the year or maybe they have slower times in the area of the country you are getting married in that you can aim for? Many vendors and venues are booked out at least 12 plus months in advance so this is something to really consider when you are planning for your wedding day. Our recommendation? Find a wedding planner that you LOVE and make sure they have your date available... get them locked in first and they will help you design, plan, and execute your wedding and assist with finding all the vendors that you need!

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  • Your Vision : Do you dream of a big wedding with ALL THE THINGS or would you prefer more of a simple, quiet elopement? An intimate wedding or elopement can generally be planned within a much shorter time frame, while a large wedding or even a destination wedding may require more advanced planning. The more time you give yourself (even if you're keeping it fairly simple), the better. Most wedding planning stress comes from too many decisions in a short amount of time!

  • Your tastes and personal preferences : We all change our minds and tastes after some time. Keep in mind a longer engagement may create you to want to change your vision mid planning where you’re back to square one, while a super short engagement may have you looking back wishing you had done this or that differently. Are you someone who likes to take things at a relaxing and super chill pace or someone who thrives on the fast paced organization filled task list.

  • Family and friends support system + guests : Do you have family and/or friends that will be helping you with tasks like addressing invites, wedding dress shopping, and bachelorette party planning?! Will you be having a large guestlist where you need to factor in time to give enough notice for them to attend the wedding? 

Whether you’re planning for a long engagement or getting things done ASAP, your wedding timeline should be based on your individual circumstances and priorities. You and your love know yourselves best, so tap into that intuition and create a wedding timeline that works best for the both of you. Hiring a wedding  planner can help streamline so much of the planning process to help make the wedding date of your dreams a reality.

SunRae Planning specializes in personalized design, detailed planning and timeline creation, and on-site execution so that you can soak up every moment of your wedding celebration. Ready to get started? WE CANNOT FREAKING WAIT TO MEET YOU!

Happy Planning, Lovers!

Jacqueline and the SunRae Planning Team

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