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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Coordinator for YOU!

How many times have we judged a book by its cover or a cute boutique by its decor? I'll be the first to admit that I judge just as much as the next person and when it comes to wedding vendors, I totally realize that we are being judged based on the first impressions of our Instagram profile and website But here's the catch.... their website might be P E R F E C T but when you meet in person it might not be quite-so-perfect. It's completely natural to vibe with certain businesses and people and this is SO important when you choose your wedding coordinator for 3 reasons....

We are your go-to Gal - As your confidant when it comes to all things wedding, you want to make sure that you TRUST the person that you choose to be your wedding coordinator. We are there to execute your vision on one of the most important days of your life so yeah, someone that understands YOU + YOUR VISION is so so so important.

We are your local insider - I love love love my local brides but 90% of the brides that I work with are coming from out of state to get married at the doorstep of beautiful Zion National Park. These destination weddings add an extra element of 'stress' because you're not there in person to meet the vendors, see the venue, and plan the layout map for your big day. This is where I come in as a priceless resource. I have relationships with the best vendors in town and I trust them enough to include them on my preferred vendor list, not because I get a kick back from them (because I don't!) but because I know the q u a l i t y of the work that they provide.

We are your Wedding Best Friend! Wedding planning should be fun and wouldn't you rather go to a friend with question than a complete stranger? You want a coordinator that you TRUST ... My commitment to you is to execute your dream wedding with the same love that you put into it!

We aren't afraid to be honest with you - Trust me, you don't want a complete 'yes girl' as your wedding coordinator. We are the professionals and we've seen what does and doesn't work and we're not afraid to have the tough conversations with you. I want your wedding day to completely embody the love you and your fiance have for each other....I love the unique things that couples add to their wedding day but I'm not afraid to tell you that maaaybbeee you shouldn't execute every idea that you have.

Choosing a wedding planner is a b i g deal because this is a HUGE thing that you are trusting them so you want someone who is competent but also relatable! For two seconds.... forget price, forget qualifications, forget what their website looks like.... Do you feel comfortable with them? Do they understand you? Did they take time to get to know you? Did they answer your questions? Did you 'vibe'? Did they make you feel heard? Take a minute to consider those things because it will make the whole wedding-planning process THAT MUCH EASIER and THAT MUCH MORE FUN!

Happy Planning, Lovers


-Eventfully, Jacqueline

Photocredit- @alyssaencephotography

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