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Kelsey + Stevens Colorful Vegas Wedding

Kelsey and Steven were made for each other and their wedding day was the most perfect representation of their love story even if it started out something like this:

When they first met, Kelsey + Stevens first thoughts were

Kelsey: He's annoying

Steven: She's cute.

Clearly they have come a long long way since then and they are a true power couple.... see?!

Steven proposed to Kelsey on July 4 by hiring a local company to set up a beautiful picnic at a firework show and he popped the question as soon as the fireworks started. This was Kelseys dream proposal because she is obsessed with fireworks which was part of the reason they found the Hilton Lake Las Vegas.

Kelsey + Stevens ONE AND ONLY priority when looking for a wedding venue was somewhere they could have fireworks and boy was this the perfect end to their beautiful celebration overlooking Lake Las Vegas.

Or should we say "start of the party"?! Following fireworks, these party animals headed to the Strip to take the classic Vegas elopement shots in front of the Bellagio fountain and on Fremont Street with their photographer, videographer, and content creator!

You know those people you meet and immediately know that they are your kind of people? This was Kelsey and Steven for me because they knew that they wanted their wedding to be fun, colorful, full of flowers, and incorporated all the personal touches. THEY WERE SPEAKING MY LANGUAGE and I am so obsessed with how the final design turned out.

Look at those colorful floral pillars. Look at those lush tablescapes. LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS BOUQUET!! If this doesn't convince you to incorporate some color into your wedding design, I don't know what will!

If you should know one thing about Kelsey, it's her love of diet coke icees. It's more like an obsession and I regularly saw stories on instagram of Steven bringing Kelsey her favorite icee so basically true love right there. It wouldn't be Kelsey's wedding without an Icee so you're damn right if we made sure they had time for a pitstop at seven-eleven on their way to the strip and the photos they got were AMAZING and some that I'm sure K + S will cherish forever. Do we love or do we LOVE!?

On Thursday, May 18 2023, Kelsey and Steven tied the knot. Their wedding day was filled with hourly gifts they'd brought for each other, a first touch, an emotional first dance, and a sprinkling of rain, and all the best memories. And this was just the start of their inimate wedding day......


Hell yes. After the "formal celebration" at the Florentine Gardens, Kelsey, Steven, and their families went to Fremont Street and did the zip line. Talk about a night to remember. Kelsey and Steven did it right!

If I could only give our couples one piece of advice, it would be this:

"Your wedding celebration is a unique expression of your very own love story so throw out everything you know about traditional weddings and do all the things that make your wedding scream YOU. The best kind of wedding is a wedding that has all your favorite things so all the personal touches, quirks of your relationship, and all the things you're obsessed with.... USE THEM! We will build a design around your favorite things and we can't wait to see how it turns out."

Take your cues from Kelsey and Steven and just have fun!!

We thrive off couples who are ready to incorporate their personalities into their wedding celebration and would love to help you with your very own wedding planning and design. Ready to get started with our badass planning team?! We cannot wait to get to know you!


Jacqueline + The SunRae Planning Team

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