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Planning Corporate Retreats

Giving your team members the opportunity to grow together can only benefit your business in the best ways. However, planning corporate retreats can be tough!

I mean, where do you even start? There are literally a million details that need to be considered! In my experience as an event planner based in Southern Utah, I am aware that that is usually where the overwhelm and panic set in!

Luckily, there are resources, like this one, to help. That way you can get to planning the most incredible corporate retreat (with our help!) that your employees will remember forever.

Interested? Keep reading!

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It is no secret that work can be a stressful place. It is often hard for workers to let their guard down when they are swamped with work, rules, and forced social interactions.

Corporate retreats give these individuals the opportunity to experience everything the company has to offer without, what seems to be, impossible circumstances. It allows them to let their guard down and open up to the business and team members.

Looking to connect with your employees on a deeper level? Without a doubt, planning corporate retreats are going to be your answer!


Planning a retreat takes A LOT of thought and preparation! Before dipping your toes into the process there are four things to take into consideration beforehand! These will help you start the planning process on the right foot!


Social Media will have you believe that the sky is the limit when it comes to planning corporate retreats. In a way, they aren’t wrong. However, you still need to pay for them!

Before you even begin the planning portion, take a look at your finances! How much are you willing to spend? What is realistic based on the type of experience you want? From there, you will better be able to gauge the type of event you can throw!


How long do you want your retreat to be? You have plenty of options for day retreats or even multi-day events! It all comes down to budget and your purpose!

Your company will benefit no matter the length. However, it can be pretty fun to gift your employees a longer retreat without the mundane distractions of work tasks but you also have to take family dynamics into consideration... is it for the employee only? Their spouses? Their kids? All things to think about when deciding on the length of the event.


This one is so important. You will not reap the benefits of a retreat if your company’s culture doesn’t mesh with the event. Ask yourself what type of activities would your team enjoy? What would motivate them to participate?


What is your purpose behind planning company retreats? Knowing your goals for these events can better help you create one that benefits your business.


Because my team and I are based out of Southern Utah, the following ideas are located in the Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Idaho areas. Please note that there are many options around the United States and internationally. This list is just meant to get your wheels turning!

Weekend at a Resort in SEDONA, ARIZONA

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA “show” and Dinner with an overnight stay at a casino

Ski Resort Weekend at ALTA SKI RESORT

Ropes Challenge Course in BEAR LAKE UTAH


Your employees, and your community, should be the most important of your company. Without them, you wouldn’t be doing what you do! They drive your success, and they deserve to be rewarded!

The thing is, you don’t always have the resources (or desire) to handle planning on your own.


Maximize the Use of Your Valuable Time

Plan an Event That Blew Away Your Employees And Encourage Them to do Better

Hand Off the Logistics of Planning to Someone Your Trust

Enjoy the Event Instead of Putting Out “FIRES”

Take Credit for an Amazing Event Your Employees are Raving About

I am excited to tell you that hiring a coordinator when planning corporate retreats allows you to do all of those things and more!

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Hi, I am Jacqueline! My team and I specialize in coordinating vibrant experiences that uniquely represent our client’s stories and values. We want to invite you to let SunRae Planning handle the logistics of your next event so that you can sit back, enjoy the planning process (and the event), AND TAKE ALL THE CREDIT!

It is the personal touches that make a difference and elevate your events! Because of this, we are dedicated to coordinating innovative events that showcase your personality, brand, and vision!

No matter the size or budget, we can help plan and execute an event that will leave your employees feeling their best!

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