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Seven Magic Mountains Elopement in Las Vegas

Vegas is the wedding capital of the world and post-pandemic, elopements are even more popular than they were before. If you think that the typical "Vegas chapel wedding with Elvis" is the only option when you elope, let me just stop you there.

VEGAS IS A GOLD MINE for incredibly unique places to get married so if you're looking for ideas then you've come to the right place and we're here to tell you about one place in particular that we absolutely love (especially if you love a good pop of color!)

Seven Magic Mountains.

If you want to plan a Seven Magic Mountains Elopement in Las Vegas..... let's keep going! These incredible colorful pillars are just south of Vegas off the side of the road. They are a public space but that means that you don't need a permit and they're super easy to get to (just pay attention so that you don't miss your exit!)

Truth be told, this Seven Magic Mountains Elopement in Las Vegas was not originally planned to be at this location. This was our "plan b" when the hot air balloon ride at the El Dorado Dry Lake Bed didn't pan out. Around 3:30 am on their elopement day, the Hot Air Balloon Pilot text me to let me know that the winds were too strong for the hot air balloon that morning and while we were SUPER BUMMED, this is exactly why we have backup plans in place and plan b was GORGEOUS.

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These two cuties got married at the Seven Magic Mountains on an early spring morning of 2023. They read private vows, said "I DO", sprayed champagne, and ate Pinkbox donuts which was basically their idea of a perfect day.

Her short dress was perfectly "Vegas" and her whimsy bouquet from Lucid Juliet literally SCREAMED "her." I mean look at how freaking cute she is. She is IN HER ELEMENT and we are obsessed with these bridals. Talk about being straight out of a magazine, right?!

These two had us laughing all morning long and their love and energy was infectious. One thing that we love most about planning Las Vegas Elopements in being able to celebrate with our couples and you can bet your ass that you won't be able to get rid of us that easily.... basically, we're in your life forever.

At SunRae Planning, we believe that your wedding or elopement celebration should be a unique expression of your love story and we want every detail to be totally infused with your relationship and quirks. From coordination to full-service elopement planning, we are your local las vegas elopement planning team that will bring your vision to life and HYPE YOU UP through the entire process.

Ready to get started?! We literally cannot wait to hear all of your thoughts and ideas so lets schedule a time for a quick "coffee" chat and get started!

Happy Planning, Lovers.


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