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Your Ultimate Destination Wedding Packing List

You thought planning a regular wedding was tricky? Try planning one out of state (or even in another country) where you can’t just pop over to the florist's shop or meet really any of your vendors in person sometimes until the actual wedding day!

While some couples choose to elope and have an intimate celebration with just the two of them, others are opting for destination weddings with their closest family and friends to celebrate in a location or city that is either new or meaningful to the couple’s relationship!

Once you hit that final countdown, it’s PACKING TIME! But are you missing anything on your packing list?! I intend for this to be your one-stop ultimate destination wedding packing list!

You can go off to say “I do” without the worry of missing anything!

SunRae Planning, a Utah-based Destination Wedding Planner, shares her ultimate destination wedding packing list.

What to Consider in Your Ultimate Destination Wedding Packing List

Prioritizing the essentials is key for a destination wedding *cough cough* like rings and your wedding dress!

Packing smart and considering the most important things for YOU to experience and bring on your wedding day is all part of the destination wedding packing list.

Here are seven important things to consider:

  1. Location: Are you getting married domestically or abroad/in a remote location? Look into what paperwork you need if flying abroad or to a remote location. Will you have access to everyday last-minute items/shopping while you’re there?

  2. Weather: Will it be hot or cold where you are going? Then pack accordingly and plan for unforeseen circumstances–weather can always be unpredictable so it’s great to have backups

  3. Wedding Timeline: What activities will you be doing before/during/after your wedding? Are those activities doable at your destination?

  4. Marriage License: Will you be filing for your marriage license ahead of time or do you need to bring documentation with you?

  5. Travel: Are you flying to your location or driving? Driving would allow for more items to be packed. Print out a checklist *there are many available online for free/or for purchase* to aid in helping you put together a list of exactly what you need for your day.

  6. Wedding Planner: Have you hired a planner who may be able to suggest items/places source things where you are going so you have less to pack in your suitcase? Do they offer a packing list resource as part of your package?

  7. Wedding Vendors: Will you be hiring vendors to do your makeup/hair/nails etc. at your location or will you be doing those yourself?

Keeping these seven key points in consideration while planning your ultimate destination wedding is going to make a huge difference between having a stress-free and fun wedding or one where you’re scrambling at the last minute. Trust me, no one wants you to be the latter. We want you to have nothing but the best time on your special day.

Wedding Day Essentials for the Couple (the BASICS)

A destination wedding is an exciting way to celebrate your love and exchange your vows in a beautiful and unique location. It's essential to understand the basics you will need when planning a destination wedding to ensure that your big day runs smoothly. Whether you're exchanging your vows on a tropical beach or a scenic mountain top, this checklist will ensure you don’t miss a thing when packing for your ultimate wedding destination!

  • Marriage License

  • Vendor contracts

  • Vendor tips and thank you notes (if not mailing after the wedding)

  • Rings/Ring Pillow or Box, if applicable

  • Vows

  • Cards and/or gifts for each other/wedding party/family etc

  • Decor extras that weren’t shipped (signage/cake topper/photo props etc)

  • Honeymoon attire and clothing (if leaving from the wedding destination)

  • Copies of wedding day timeline (another benefit of hiring a planner is they will have this for you!)

Wedding Day Essentials for the Brides

Now, brides, it’s a wonderful thing to think that what you both need as a couple is enough. But we know each partner needs specific things when packing for their wedding day. Here is your ultimate destination wedding packing list as a bride so you don’t miss a thing:

  • Wedding attire, shoes, and accessories

  • Undergarments

  • Bag or clutch/something to hold your “emergency/touch up kit” items in

  • Jewelry

  • Hair accessories

  • Makeup

  • Perfume

  • Getting ready attire (robe and/or a tube top or even a button-down shirt so as to not “ruin” hair and makeup)

  • Send off an outfit or possibly a dress change for reception (if applicable)

SunRae Planning, a Utah-based Destination Wedding Planner, shares her ultimate destination wedding packing list.

Wedding Day Essentials for the Groom

Don’t think we forgot about you grooms! We are fully aware that each partner has different needs/specific things to check off their packing list for their wedding day. While the bride usually takes the spotlight, you also need to ensure that you look and feel your best on the big day Even more so for ultimate destination weddings! Here is your ultimate destination wedding packing list as a groom so you don’t forget a thing:

  • Wedding attire: a suit or tuxedo, shoes, socks, and accessories

  • Toiletries

  • Shaving Kit

  • Tie or Bow Tie

  • Cufflinks

  • Fragrances

  • Emergency kit: any band-aids, sewing kit, stain remover, or extra buttons, in case of any last-minute mishaps (if needed)

This is just a preliminary list and every wedding is different but this should get you started! Start your ultimate destination wedding packing list now so that you’re not rushing through it before you leave and accidentally leave any of the essentials at home. By planning ahead, you’ll feel relaxed and prepared as you head out for your destination wedding!

Happy Travel Planning, Lovers!!

Jacqueline & The SunRae Planning Team



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