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How do You Thank Your Wedding Vendors?

So, how do you thank your wedding vendors?

Your vendors help turn your vision into a magical day. A genuine thank you can go a long way in solidifying a strong relationship with the vendor you began when planning your special day.

Not only are you showing your appreciation but you can get so creative in your thank you. Keep reading to get into the endless possibilities!

How do You Thank Your Wedding Vendors? Tips from a Southern Utah-based Wedding Planner: SunRae Planning

Thanking Your Wedding Vendors

Thanking your wedding vendors shows them that you saw and appreciated all of the hard work that they did to make your wedding day extra magical. It can also give them feedback on how well they did.

Here are some tips on how to show your appreciation:

ONE | Goodie Bag

Give your wedding vendor a goodie bag with a water bottle, Advil, granola bar, or anything else inside you can think of that will help them through the entire wedding day.

TWO | Tag Them on Social Media

Give them a shout-out on social media! Something as simple as a mention or tag on your post goes a long way in thanking them. Not only are you sharing pictures of your special day, but also spreading awareness of their business!

THREE | Write a Review

Writing your wedding vendor a review goes so much further than we think. Think of when you’re going to a restaurant, you typically check the reviews to gauge the business. The same happens with your wedding vendors! Before writing a review, ask each vendor which platform they prefer (examples: Google, The Knot, Yelp, Wedding Wire, Facebook, etc.)

FOUR | Give Referrals

A wonderful thing about weddings is how inspiring they can be to your guests. Someone might’ve gotten bitten by the love bug and needs a referral for vendors; give your wedding vendor a referral!

FIVE | Be a Testimonial

Where reviews help with the backend google searches, a testimonial or reference serves as a face on the wedding vendors’ website. It’s like being a part of their business journey as well as other couples on their wedding planning path.

SIX | Handwritten Cards

A handwritten “Thank You Card” or letter is so special! You can give this alongside a tip or after your wedding day tell your vendor how much you appreciated their part in planning your wedding.

SEVEN | Send a Gift

Whether it is a gift card to their favorite restaurant, a place to visit, flowers, a charcuterie box, or even a massage SPA day, your vendor will feel so loved! Send a gift that shows your appreciation.

EIGHT | Continuous Service

Odds are you LOVED the role your vendor played in making your wedding day epic. If you can, continue to use their services for other important milestones in your life like anniversaries, parties, etc.

At the end of the day, vendors are people just like us. People love to feel valued and a thank you can help them strive to be their best.

It is never too late to thank a vendor, thank one today!

Happy Planning and THANKING, Lovers!


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